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The multimedia magazine for and about your business

A complete package for all your business relationships.

Research shows that clients who use their multimedia magazine both offline and online for a year, have ten times as many readers. Moreover, the magazine can be viewed on all common computers, smartphones and tablets; in other words, the multimedia magazine is available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

You’ll receive 2,500 printed, full-color magazines (and of course, more can be ordered!) including an e-magazine

  • Easily distributed or sent along with quotes
  • Perfect for business to business
  • More and more advertisers place QR codes, so more traffic is generated on their websites via smartphones and tablets
  • Various sizes available: A4 portrait, A4 landscape or square 210 mm x 210 mm

A sponsored magazine offers many advantages over other media, such as e-mail newsletters or the more traditional brochures and flyers, as there is room for more in-depth content.