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The process

With our concept of sponsored magazines, we save our clients time. What is more, a private financial investment is not required. It’s ideal; Present Press takes care of everything for you, from A to Z. How we do this?

Present Press has over 21 years of experience in publishing sponsored jubilee, construction and exchange magazines, yearbooks and annual reports. Our concept includes the full – cost-effective - production of a free, full-color magazine.

A large team of professionals is ready to make the process run smoothly, from acquirers to copywriters, photographers to designers. An employee from the traffic department will be there to guide you through the entire process. The use of clients is thus reduced to a minimum. The date of publication and content of the magazine are of course decided in concert. It is, after all, your magazine, and it should accurately reflect your image and style. Only after you approve the color test will the magazine go to print.

Step 1

Approaching suppliers and partners

When you choose a Present Press magazine, we will first approach your suppliers and partners and inform them about your magazine. We will always send out a sample magazine as well.

Step 2


Here we continue to focus on your requirements. During this meeting we will discuss the interpretation of the style, design and copywriting of your magazine. Do you want your magazine to have the same style as your current material or a completely new look? Anything is possible!

Step 3


After the interview we will contact a copywriter. She will make an appointment with you and - only after your approval - the text will be passed on to the studio for design.

Step 4


All the images that you'll find in your sponsored magazine are created by our experienced photographer. You do not have to provide your own!

Step 5


Once the text and photography are finished, we’ll start with the design and style of your magazine, which will of course be in accordance with your wishes!

Step 6

Printing house

Before anything is delivered to the printer, there are three correction rounds. After your approval, an edition of 2500 copies will be printed. A higher circulation is also possible!


Magazine and E-magazine

In addition to the printed copies, we also supply a digital version of the magazine. It contains links that will surely increase the traffic to your site as well as that of your suppliers. You can send this digital version to an unlimited number of contacts!