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Your sponsored publication

If you opt for a multimedia magazine from Present Press, you're choosing a magazine that is free of charge. The magazine is in fact financed by advertisements- a good deal for you and for your advertisers.

  • A "personal" magazine increases the branding of your company
  • It strengthens the bond you have with your suppliers
  • Suppliers order a circulation of their own at Present Press and thus continue to communicate in their own network, both digitally and in print
  • Suppliers receive more traffic to their website by participating through links in your e-magazine!
  • It enhances your image
  • Many advertisers are familiar with our concept because we have worked with them in the past; Present Press has been around for 21 years, so many already do business with us.

Free of charge

Present Press handles the acquisition of your magazine. We offer your suppliers and partners the opportunity to participate in your magazine by placing an ad or advertorial. The purchase of one or more editorial pages is also possible. In this case, the page will reflect the overall style of your magazine, making it a seamless whole.

There’s no catch

If the funding ceases unexpectedly, you may choose to pay the remaining amount yourself. Should you choose to decline this option, then there is no mutual obligation.